okay HI all .

im veryyyyyyyyy happy today because i finally called the school and ask about the stupid LEO thingy which has been in my head for a week already .

i finally checked my results and class today after everyone else have talked about it .

haha , class wallΒ and amalia helped me alot . πŸ˜€

soooooooooooooooooo , my GPA’s bad as hell .

haha , today , i talked to amalia and she guided me through checking my stuff and all . and she started talking about her GPA and results . and it was funny . like seriously . haha . funny kid la she . though hers is as bad as mine , she could still laugh it off like nothing ever happened . and then we talked about classmates and all . her class only has one malay boy . haha . and we were talking and talking about all stuff .

and my classssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :

i had the shock of my life . ALL GIRLS . i think . because the names are all girls names .

ZOMG . i think im just fated to work with girls all my life .

for six years i went to an all girls school . then from sec 1 to 4 i only had girl best friends . and in poly i was still having girls bestfriends . and in sem 2 , a whole class of girls .

okay WOW .

aaaaaaaaaaargh okay . somedays i wished i had a boy bestfriend . because he wont be PMS-ing , bitching , stealing ppl’s boyfriends and all . im just saying . because this was what me and jenny talked about the other day . so yeah . i want a guy BFF . because right now , my BFF , YUN DA is officially in his own SP world and we dont talk that often anymore .

soooooooooooo yeah .


my misery .

okay i’ve just read my class wall and all of them knows their results and class for next sem already .

okay most of them . and me ? i cant even access to LEO .

god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn it .

please la . i need to know my class . either that , or i need to quit RP .

haha , okay second option is abit unrealistic . argh omg please . i hope im in the same class with anyone . cos after reading class wall , i know the smoker party are in the same class and some other people are in the same class too .

omg , im so jealous . i wanna know my results and my class . please RP pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase 😦


hi . today im staying at home . okay maybe this whole week i’ll stay at home . because its my final week of holiday and this sucks big time .

and i’ve been on tumblr for and hour or so . and my dashboard is full of kyujong’s MV gifs and edits . haha .

cos everyone in SS501 is awesome just like that . πŸ˜€

cr ; http://allkimkyujong.tumblr.com/

k so . next week school starting . i have no idea what class i’ll be in .

my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsh .



hi all . 1234am now . im not asleep yet .

im watching a drama now . haha , i loooooooooooooove the show . ive been addicted to it since i started watching it today . and now im at the 6th episode . HEHE , i spent my whole day watching it .

anddddd , when watching it , i suddenly remembered about kyujong’s MV release .

so i decided to check it out at b2m’s youtube page .

okay kyu jong’s awesome ! hehe . though he’s not my bias , but he’s just so awesome like all the other SS501 members ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

so please check his new song out peeeps . πŸ™‚

cr ; tumblr .


actually i really hate to keep opening my email inbox every single day just to check whether the few people i emailed regarding my stuff have replied .

but nevermind , i shall do it for the sake of my stuff .

and please relply to my email . i need my stuff desperately !!!!


the statement is so true . every single sentence . very trueΒ β™₯

&& listening to it now . kim hyung jun is just , awesome !