Time’s moving so fast these days. Once its gone, its gone forever. At times like this, I wish I could do anything just to buy the sufficient amount of time i need.

So many things to do, so little time.



Datelines, report, poster, logbook, UTs. Oh please help me TT_TT

Time why are you moving too fast?


Reading all my old posts in this blog hahahahahahaha shit why do I sound so emo?

Anyway even after all these years i still miss the person i have always blogged about.



Okay im back in wordpress after almost half a year. Well, kinda. Hahahahahaha

So we’re down to the final sem in poly and then we’re off for intern next sem. Feeling kind of excited for intern but at the same time nervous cos of all the internship stories ive heard from my friends hahahahaha. But i hope mine will be a super lepak one. And I hope I get to work at a hospital near my house at least. BECAUSE TRAVELLING FROM BEDOK TO WOODLANDS EVERYDAY FOR 2 AND A HALF YEARS IS NO JOKE.

K can.

So now right now while everyone is stressing over UT, I am stressing over my report. I have 3 weeks left for report submission and all the other submissions after that but im only at the acknowledgement part for my report. Hahahaha i am so dead, yes I know.

I seriously need to manage my time wisely. I need to study for UTs, finish up my report, update my logbook, do poster and etc etc etc. Oh and catch up on my videos too hehehehe.

Anyway, I hope its not too late but just wanna wish happy fasting to all the muslims out there hehehehe its been a week since we start fasting tho lol.

And with the haze chaos over, here’s a post-haze picture because posting about hello kitties and minions is too mainstream.