so nice ~~

Its saturday afternoon and the weather is so nice . rained heavily in the morning but it has stopped . so now its windy and i like ! && im here lying down lazily in the room infront of the laptop , randomly watching videos in youtube while eating heavenly good kinderbuenos . life is great . ❤

i wished everyday was like this . ❤ ❤ ❤



Ive been looking through all the elligible courses that I can go , but in the end , i still dontknow what course i should go .

bullshittyshit . haha .

today is the third last day before the submission thingy ends . it ends on friday actually .

at 1600 .

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet .



So , results are out . kind of unexpected . i thought i’d get distinction for POA and maybe maths ? oh , disappointment man . but i got over it in a few minutes . haha , i dontknow why . everyone was crying . but i was , speechless ?

haha , i really dont know .

it felt like a shitty dream . 20 for olevels ? hah , where to go sia . but sadly , that’s the reality .


so i guess mugging till 3 am in the morning doesnt pay off . well i think it did . kind of . my prelim was 38 . HAH .

but its still bullshit .

i dont get to go aerospace . i can really say bye to being a pilot already okay people .

so i’ll just go to airport and see all the smart successful happy pilots returning from their trip to whatever country they’ve went to .

i feel , dumb . for once . really . i flipped through the JAE booklet but all the COP are like , below 15 ? hmph . and seriously , i can forget about going to JC already . haha . what a joke to be even be dreaming to get into JC .


heh , i think this time i really have .

worse come to worse , i’ll have to go RP . dammit .

i think what jannah said was true . it the end , we’ll go to the school that we have been hating all these while .

should i go MI ? but alot of ppl say its a freaking waste of time . and alot of ppl tell me not to go .

agh shit .

i cant see my future . 😦

bye .