Day 12: First Variety Show

SS501 – Thank You For Waking Me Up .

This was the first show of them I ever watched . & this is the show that got me into SS501 . Till today , im addicted to them , all thanks to this show ! ♥



Hello !

Okay Im back ! For a normal post hahhahhahhaha . These days, I’ve been posting my 30 Day Challenge , and I know it kinda boring for you guys to read if you guys arent a fan of SS501 . But SS501 isnt that bad righttttttttttt ? :>

Okay so school’s been okayokay . Module’s been a little harder but errrr I still can manage uh . Just need a little revision and notes . Heh heh ~ UT in just a few weeks time . Gotta start on notes yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay .

Two more days and then im gonna have my two weeks holiday . Hope I dont have much to do cos I wanna start studying . Have to attend UT clinics in school too . LAAAAAAAAAAAAZY . zzzzzzz

Hahahahhahha watching Anak Metro now , and multi tasking . Hellyeahhhhh Im awesome ! Hhahhahhahahhah 😉

Okay im so freaking excited for the short 2 weeks break . Gonna hibernate like a polarbear muahahaha ~



Day 10: Favorite Korean MV

SS501 – A Song Calling For You .

Well , who doesnt like this MV of theirs ? :> Its so colourful , I LIKEEEEEEEEEEE .



Day 08: Dance You Know All the Moves To

Actually honestly , I dont have a dance that I know ALL the moves to . LOL . Im still actually trying to memorise their dance steps in my head . HEH HEH ~



Day 07: Song You Know All the Words To

Honestly , the song that I know ALL the words to is BECAUSE IM STUPID . Its my first SS501 song , and I memorised it till today . Muahahahhh ~