okay , so school starts on the 28th of june . since today is the 25th , its two more days to term three . so i guess this whole june holidays didnt seem like a holiday at all for us . it was school school & more school  .

haiz , its going to be full blast revision when term three starts , so  think im going to go crazy soon .

went airport yesterday with jenny , jannah , shirleen , fara & hui xuan . its was kecohrables and yeah . at first i didnt know that airport could be a condusive place to study , but yeaaaah . it was so big that i could even play catching with jenny . it fun yeaaaaah !

then on wednesday , went to eat with family at simpang bedok . and guess who i saw ? my sectwo classmate . adil ! haha . but my daddy only tegur and didnt go and salam his dad . only when they’re going home then they salam . but yeaaaaaah .

on monday & tuesday , i attended maths camp . it was fun like crazy . that camp , i tell you , make me LOVE maths . like reallyreally . i was so determined to do a closebook test for all the LAs and get the bonus marks .

woohooooo !

okay i dontknow what to write alreadyyy .

oh btw , i hear next week is malay oral . omgee .

” dari pengalaman saya , saya selalu ( screw up ) dalam peperiksaan lisan , terutamasekali peperiksaan lisan bahasa melayu . jadi , saya akan meluangkan masa untuk menonton berita dan membaca akhbar melayu bagi meningkatkan lagi bahasa melayu saya . sekian , terima kasih . ”

oh , annoying .



okay so ,

three weeks of holidays is gone . just like that . so fast right . it didnt even feel like a holiday .

the FIRST day of the holiday was a nightmare . O LEVEL MOTHER TONGUE .

then after that , its was supplementary all the way for the first two weeks . then third week , came back for POA and humanities mentor . NEXT WEEK , maths camp and maybe chem camp . it was cancelled last week .

so yeah . i didnt know being a graduate student is so tough . i mean like seriously , its really tiring . holidays didnt feel like a holiday . its a normal come – back – to – school – day for all of us .

HAIZ , im so sick man of all this .

four more months ; im scared . seriously .



weektwo .

so today marks the end of the end of our supp .

im kind of excited la .  🙂

but there’s the second part ; next week monday and tuesday . but i wont be coming for the monday lesson , but for tuesday’s .

actually im suppose to go for a camp today and tmr , but it was postponed cos one of the teachers had some mishaps . ( ?? )

so far , this week’s been quite okay . watched shrek with family on monday . it was super cute luh . you guys should watch ittt .

thennn . poa lesson was best as usual . the kecohrableicious will still be the kecoh ones at the back . the everyday we’d keep passing the msn paper to write . seriously best . only just now was super mendak cos i think we’re all tired . maybe bcos mdm low didnt release us for recess ?

thennn , i played a game with elton on wednesday during physics .. its called the ” pay me 50 cents everytime you talk to me . ” game . and of course , you know me , i can never NOT talk even for one second . so i tried to keep as quiet as i could untill he made me talk so i had to pay him 50 cents . then we started the game again , and now , i owe him $ 1.50   -___-

i keep complaining to mr khoo about mrs chan everytime we bump into him . i seriously want him to teach us again . mrs chan teach i dont understand and she’s so bloody fierce . when she stares at you , you can instantly pee in your pants . she scolded me last monday cos i was eating right infront of her . then someone left litter and no one owned up , then she didnt let us eat anymore . haiz .

okay , im going to malaysia tmr but dont know which part of malaysia , cos im lazy to find out . haha .

” the curse can only be broken with a true love’s kiss . ” – shrek , foreverafter .

” disowning your friends when you dont need them ; is the recipe for disaster . ”  Mr Chiew : 4e2 . 🙂

byee …


mrschan ; OMMMMM .

today’s highlight of the day was POA lesson . it was a very very very kecohrableicious lesson ; the teacher plus the students and all our crazy crazy nonsense that we create .

mrs chan tought us what to do when were stressed . ” i learnt this in my yoga lesson a few years back . when you’re nervous or tense during your exam , just do this in your mind . OMMMMM . OMMMMMM . ”

HAHAHAAH . then she keep saying that throughout the whole lesson . even when we’re packing and waiting for her to dismiss us , she still walked around the class still saying OMMMMMM .

then during the lesson , most of the 4e2 ppl are eating . haha , like picnic right ? we are so cool .

& we keep passing this paper we called MSN . it was very fun luh .

ive never loved poa lesson so much in my life before .

i want mr khoo to teach us baaaack . mrs chan boring giler sehhh .

im so bored i wanna sleep . buhbyee .