Weekends burnt .

Okay errr Im not actually as happy as I am in the picture but errrrr ya hahhahahaha .

Have to work during the weekends because Carine sent us email again and the girls wanted to join again so ya .

And its saturday and sunday event . At Bishan Stadium . I tell you , its not as awesome as CCK . CCK one was much much much better . The callroom was awesome , the break was awesome , the people around was awesome . Now the callroom is like so errrrrr , and we dont feel comfortable sitting there . So now we dont know what to do during our 3 hours break . SIGH .

But nvm . Gonna do it for my 60 bucks pay per day yayyyyyyyy ~ Thank god its only two days , then its over ! Monday , councilling module . I LOOOOOOOOOVE . The faci’s freaking funny and I like !! Heh hehhhhhh ~ And tuesday is Labour Day . HOOOOLIIIIDAYYYYY !

Ok im so very tired now , I think I wanna sleep byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .



HOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA . I know its kinda random for me to start blogging in school . But cos my faci’s showing disgusting stuff on the board . Haissssssss .

I dontwanna watch it because I think I can puke anytime soon . sigh .

Okieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so school’s been okay I guess ? hahaha . But still preferred my old sem class though . LOL . Going Jalan Kayu for dinner after this with my ghurlssssssssss . YEAAAAAAH ! (Y)

Im freezing cold in here and the aircon is directly above me . Didnt go down for lunch cos we had tonnes to do for PPT , so Im perspiring in cold sweat right now . Plus all the stuff that faci’s showing us , is making me scared .

Hungry . Scared . Sleepy .





HOLA . Okay I know I havent been updating recently .

School’s opened and my new class is okay okay . I still preferred ny old class because I can be as crazy as I can there . LOL . I’ve been quite awkward in the new class . Cos im not used to it . heh heh .

Buttt I looooooooooooove my Thursday classes . Cos I get to meet my girls and its in a lecture room . And whats more fun , there’s a microphone for every person . Weeeepeeedoo .

So I’ll switch on the microphone and start saying random stuff . Hahahaha . I swear I loooove it la . & plus , we get to sit with the girls adn go luch together . Just like the old days . Omg I really love . 🙂

Oh , and Im going for ATO volunteering again . YEAAAAAAH . But this time , its not at CCK anymore . Its at Bishan . A little nearer . Hmmmmm , this means , we get more $ . $ . HEHHEHEHHEHEHEHHEEEE ~~~ .

Okay and Im not sure if the ITE students will be there too . LOL .

Okay yay , tmr is monday . Kinda not looking forward to it , but I hope this sem ends fast . 😦




Hey Ho !

Okay so finished the 8 days of working . Yesterday was the last day and I tell you , it was the BOMB . Freaking fun I swear .

The last event was scheduled to end at 530pm , but because of the rain , it was postponed . And then it dragged on for hours and hours until finally it ended at 845pm . OMG SOOOOO TIRING . And I wasnt in the callroom yesterday , I had to do security with Sharifah because I think the security boys didnt come then they needed some people to work as security so they took us away from the callroom . And omg , being security is not funny . Hais , we cannot even sit down and its raining and we’re all drenched wet . SIGHHHH .

But all in all , it was worth it . Really really worth it . We got to make new friends and make new memories . I like 😀

And then we finally went home and took the red line with the girls plus some new friends we just made along the way . It was epic and funny and fun . Omggggggggggggggggggg I totally like like like it !!!!!

& school’s opening in a few days . Seperated from my fav girls . SIGH so sad 😦