todaytodaytodayyyy .

today was half day . school was SUPPOSE to end at 1130 but it was extended till 12plusplus .

the classroom sessions was quite boring ah . we used most of the time to decorate our tables . then they gave us some biscuits and water . but it wasnt sooo nice . then qiao kang and me dowant to finish the biscuits . so as usual , farid helped us finish our biscuits and my water . haha . no hard feelings eh farid .

thennnnnnn . the cny celebrations was quite mendak at first . because they started showing videos of iraq war and all that . then yaaqub was like , eh aku rse macam dalam class tengah belajar social studies siaaa . i swear it was damn mendak . then laterrr , they showed videos bout singapore defence and all that . then it felt like it was national day . plus , most of the teachers was wearing RED . so national day kannnnn ?

when the different levels do the presentation thingy on stage , the sec twos were the funniest giler . actually the girl’s voice alone je da sedap seh . laen sume tangkap glamour . then suare macam kaaaaataaaaak .

then we all behind was laughing like crazzzzzyyyy .

okay yay . i dowant to type long long ah . laaaaazy .

so happy chinese new year to all . 😀



sooo , life’s okayokay .

a great big trip coming up next month . exactly one day afta my broooooo’s berfday .

haizzz .

anyway , im gonna blog bout my trip to melaka last weeeeeeek .

so , we had to wake up like 430 in the morning . so we siapED and dragged ourselves to the bus station at 630 .

trip to the checkpoint was okay . then when the TOUR GUIDE started to board the bus after malaysia checkpoint , then he talked and talked and talked like there’s no tommorrow .

okay stop . whats the use of a microphone when you’re gona shout ?? well , thats exactly what he did . most of us wanted QUIET time , then he kept shouting and shouting in the mic . itating rite .

haiz . then he said he’d stop talking because he knew we were all hungry . but he didnt stop . okay then after eating , all of us were sleepy already . and he continued talking . bout the history of melaka . zzz . boring right . but oh wells , he’s paid to do that . and still , he said ” kalau awak dengar cerita saya , maknanya awak dapat menimba ilmu baru . saya telah berjaya memberikan awak pelajaran baru . tapi kalau awak tidur tadi , saya berjaya juga . kerana saya telah berjaya mendodoikan awak dengan cerita saya . ”

loser kannnn .

haiz . then he continued talking again . so i blasted my ipod and went to sleep .

then when we reached the mall , we went to shop for about 5 hours plus plus . but our feets were already aching halfway .

actually we simply just walked around two malls and had our lunch . so nothing much la . just shopping .

then otw back . we slept again .

thennn , after our second last destination , the tour guide suddenly changed . changed meaning he started to make us laugh with his jokes . yeah . he told us jokes then we also told the whole bus all the jokes that we all know . our family was more kecoh than the other family . haha . because we have 20 people and they have around 8 ?

yaaahahahaha . so we were ruling the whole bus . laughing and spitting out lame jokes . old and new . all came out . best kay .

then there’s this joke he gave us . but he didnt give us the answer .

ade satu budak ni , dia pandai . mase primary school dia selalu dapat banyak awards . tpy selalu  dia tukar award tu dengan bola ping pong colour hijau . everytime dia tukar . then bila dia masuk secondary school pun sama . sampai dia dah kerja sumer . then satu hari ni , dia mati . then orang bukak pintu bilik dia . penuh dengan bola pingpong colour hijau . so , kenape dia selalu mintak bola pingpong colour hijau ??

kay ya . so that was the question . actually until now i still dontknow the answer . haiz . so go figure the answer out kays . then tell me .

so actually overall , the trip rating is 6/10 . 2 for the LAST part of the trip because we had a blasting fun time in the bus . another 2 because i managed to get the thing i was looking for . last 2 because i kind of enjoyed myself . then the remaining four that didnt turned out great was because of the FIRST part of the trip , because i didnt get to buy alot of things , because iqah got to buy a watch anddddd because of the very not nice nasi ayam that i ate.:(((((

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh  .

okay .. anw , im still very worried bout the trip laaaa .

should i goooooo ? haizzz .

kaylaaa . byebyebyebyeeee .